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    Thila Homam
    Thila Homam:
  •   Thila homam is a powerful vedic ritual performed to get rid of the difficulties arising due to Ancestor Dhosham. This Homa is done for ancestral /forefathers and those who died unnaturally.

  • Hindrances caused by dead souls :
    Such ancestors and others who died unnaturally in our family give troubles like :
  •   Delaying in settling down in a job,
      • Late marriage,
      Delayed Child birth,
      Disharmony with family members and between couples,
      Unwanted expenditure than income.
  •   Our Raja Guru Brahmashri Guruvayur Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry Swamigal drive away the sufferings of the dead souls through this powerful Homa chants and also can brings down good wishes, blessings for a happy, healthy and unhindered successful life from these alleviated souls.