sree bagalamukhi devi yantram
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sree bagalamukhi devi in tamilnadu sree bagalamukhi devi darshan

    Kalathra Dosha Nivarana :
  •   Bhagya Sooktha is the most significant sooktha of the Veda. Chanting this sooktha at perfect time will acquire more happiness and achievements in life. The word Bhagya refers to rich and prosperity, so by recounting bhagya sooktha mantra one can accomplish all sort of riches and success in life.

      This Homam is performed for the affected planet devudu and by chorus of mantras for that planet god and the homam is performed as per the shastras to get rid of all the problem.Fridays and Sundays are best day to perform this Pariharam. Date will be selected as per ones janma star.

  • Benefits :
  •   Doing this homam helps to destroy the problems arise in-between couples.
      This homam helps in getting away from the problems like separation and Divorce or Sudden death of spouse.
      Delay in marriages or misunderstandings or lack of family bliss can be overcome.