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    Harindra vinayaka homam :
  •   Haridra vinayaka is the 5th one among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Haridra means turmeric which plays a key role in fighting against diseases. Haridra Ganapathy is considered as the destroyer of health problems. Haridra Ganapathy havan is based on GANESHA TANTRA emits which emits high spiritual energy to remove your problems. This elaborated Haridra Ganapathy homam was performed in simple and effective manner by our Rajaguru Brahmashri Guruvayur Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry with less expensive materials in auspicious timing.

  • Significane of Haridara vinayaka homam :
  •   Bless with good result when some sudden obstacles hampers progress the work.
      Eradicates our existing problems and gives success, prosperity and protection.
      Helps to reach our goal.
      Auspicious haridra havan removes your unexpected troubles, obstacles, distress, enemies and those who create trouble for us.