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    Free vedic horoscope prediction :

  •   Generally there are two types of predictions :

  •   Agama
  •   Veda

      Agama mainly deals with Sakthi, Vishnu and Shiva. Nearly there are 181 Vishnu agamas and 128 Shiva agamas and 184 Sakthi agamas. They did not care about the planet and its revolutions. The followers of agamas only worships the planets and they will not analyze its positions in the horoscope

      Veda is broadly classified into four they are :

  •   Rig
  •   Yajur
  •   Sama
  •   Atharvana

      Vedas deals with horoscope of an individuals and planetary positions. Vedas describes previous birth karma‚Äôs in details through horoscope. That gives troubles in the present birth. Our Guruji Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry Swamigal Analyze this carefully and guides an individual to attain success in every sphere of his/her life.