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    Chaga Bali Yaagam

    Chaga bali yaagam :
  •   Chaga bali yagam is another auspicious yagam similar to Pournami Yagam. The ‘Yagam starts at night. Even though “Gaja Kesari “, (auspicious conjunction of planets foretelling intellect fortune) is indicated in the horoscope , it may not possible to enjoy the benefits because of the sins committed in the previous birth. Such things happen when the inauspicious planets, by sight or position, block the power of auspicious planets capable of granting “Gaja Kesari”. Chaga bali yagam removes and unblocks the positive energy of that particular Planet.

    Significance of Chaga bali yagam :

  •   Removes dullness and improves intellect .
  •   Removes the negative energy of chandal Guru Yoga.
  •   Improves the positive energy of Jupiter planet .
  •   Makes oneself intellect .