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    Best vedic Astrologer in india:

  • Generally, There are two extremes are focused :  

  • Agama  
  • Veda


  •   Agama’s deals with chanting of tantrik mantras, mudra pujas , and practicing of complex kundalini and other meditation techniques.

      Vedas refers to Navagraha’s or 9 planets. According to veda the fortune, mis-fortune good and bad deed’s occurs due to the motion of 9 planets only. Vedas deals with horoscope to observe motion of these 9 planets.

      Our RajaGuru Sri Sri Suryan Namboothiry Best vedic Astrologer in india, he was initiated into astrology by great scholars and rishi’s. Swamiji, analyze a individual’s kundali in various angles such as prasanam, Chozhi prasanam,suvadies etc.