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    SamvadaSuktam Homam :
  •   The Aikamatya Sooktam otherwise called Samvada Sooktham. Aikyam means unity and aikyamatyam means unification. Samvada means communication with trade of lovely words. This little Vedic hymn of 3 verses is the hymn of agreement, cooperation and like-mindedness. Sama means equality and Vada means debate or arguments.
    This Samvada sooktham reinforces on providing equal opportunities for all concerned to voice their opinions. This is the last hymn of the Rig Veda Samhita.The vibration of this sacred mantra eases tension between people and inspires to come together to work in unison for the common goal. It further ushers the entire humanity towards the common goal of world peace and spiritual realization as its highest level. This Sooktha is droned for Garuda, Hanuman, Sudarshana, Bhagavathi and Shiva as a piece of therapeutic measures. Additionally a sahasranama archana and festoons are offered to the gods.